Alcasis Genta With Antibiotic 41g

Alcasis Genta Bone Cement is a PMMA bone cement available with antibiotics (Gentamicin) in two different viscosities to accommodate surgeons' preferences. All our cements meet or exceed the International ISO 5833 Standard for PMMA bone cements.


We offer two viscosities for various applications, ensuring a short residence time and efficient application. The packaging is stable and easy to use, with liquid in one ampoule and powder in one Tyvek sachet. Our products are manufactured in accredited facilities, adhering to leading European and international standards.


Alcasis Genta Bone Cement Performance Viscosity is a crucial characteristic for surgeons, and we provide both standard and low viscosity bone cements, with or without antibiotics, catering to the diverse needs of surgeons.


All our cements conform to the International ISO 5833 PMMA standard, defining physical, mechanical, packaging, and labeling requirements for bone cements.


To prevent necrosis of surrounding tissue, International Standard ISO 5833 (2002) sets a curing temperature limit of 90 °C for bone cements. The highest exothermic temperature of Alcasis Genta Cement variants is well below this limit.


Our antibiotic bone cements, containing Gentamicin, effectively cover approximately 62% of all gram-negative bacteria. The addition of Gentamicin prevents bacterial adherence to the cement surface and surrounding tissue, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and infection. We limit the antibiotic amount to 2.44% of the total powder volume to ensure effective antibiotics without compromising mechanical strength.


Genta Cement offers a high antibiotic release that steadily decreases over time. Burst release initially reduces the risk of resistant bacterial strains, while extended release helps maintain a physiologically relevant local antibiotic concentration for adequate prophylaxis.


Each Alcasis Genta Bone Cement package includes a bowl and spatula made from acid-resistant raw materials.