Alcasis zv Sterile Surgical Vertebroplasty Bone Cement 20g

ALCASIS™ ZV is specifically designed for use in low-viscosity acrylic bone cement, particularly for vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty procedures. It offers sufficient working time and an appropriate polymerization temperature. The inclusion of Ph Eur BP USP synthetic Barium Sulphate as an opacifier ensures high visibility under X-ray.


This product is suitable for application in cases of osteoporotic vertebral fractures in patients undergoing spinal angiography. It is indicated for strengthening and stabilizing fractured, collapsed, or compressed spine bodies resulting from pathological conditions such as osteoporosis or tumors. A low reaction rate is a key feature, minimizing exothermic damage to bones or surrounding tissues. The high radiopaque content ensures excellent visibility during procedures.


When using Alcasis ZV Vertebroplasty bone cement, each product package includes a bowl and spatula made from acid-resistant raw materials. Clinical performance of Alcasis ZV bone cement is illustrated in it’s catalogue.