Alcasis Standard Viscosity 40g

ALCASIS™ Bone Cement is a medium-viscosity bone cement designed for fixation in hip, knee, and shoulder implants. In orthopedics and various surgical specialties, its application is recommended for securing prosthetic elements using a sterile polymerizable material.


Manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 5833 acrylic resin cement standards, ALCASIS™ bone cement consistently demonstrates superior quality and mechanical performance across all formulations. ALCASIS™ bone cement possesses exceptional adhesion and mechanical properties, offering high visibility under X-ray due to the use of Ph Eur BP USP synthetic Barium Sulphate as an opacifier. In terms of application, modern systems are produced for use with syringe/cement gun and manual application.


ALCASIS™ Bone Cement is packaged in a double-layer Tyvek envelope, with the powder portion creating a robust sealing and protective barrier. This design facilitates clean and easy pouring of the cement powder into the preparation container. Additionally, the product is shielded from external factors through blister packaging, ensuring safe delivery to the end-user, the surgical personnel. The formulation provides sufficient working time and appropriate polymerization temperature. All our cements not only meet but also exceed the International ISO 5833 Standard for PMMA bone cements.


When utilizing Alcasis bone cement, each product package includes a bowl and spatula made from acid-resistant raw materials, further enhancing the product's practicality and suitability for surgical applications.